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 TRCPA Meetings for 2014-2015


Date:               September 12, 2014

Topic:              Building a Better Business Continuity Program by Internalizing ISO 22301

                            (click here to register)  (NOTE: Pre-registration is required - space is limited)

Moderator:    Dan Lizun, Managing Director, Dick's Sporting Goods

Time:               1:00 PM - 3:00 PM     (All participants must check in at the security desk

                                                                (with two forms of ID) 20-30 minutes in advance)

                                                                Snacks will be provided prior to the meeting

Place:               Dick's Sporting Goods Corporate Headquarters - 345 Court Street - Coraopolis, PA 15108

Agenda:            - Building a comprehensive and self-sustaining Business Continuity Program (BCP)

                            - Discuss how ISO 22301 form the framework of Dick's Sporting Goods' BCP

                            - Could it work for you?

Using Dick's Sporting Goods Business Continuity Program as a basis for the discussion, we'll establish a collaborative dialogue among TRCPA professionals by comparing and contrasting strategies in building your comprehensive and self-sustaining BCP.  Discussion topics include:

     - BCP Lifecycle (what are the key parts of a BCP? How long is too long? How to make it cyclical)

     - Roles and Responsibilities (Rightsizing ownership)

     - Selling your brand (articulating the 'WHY' factor)

     - BCP Education and Awareness

           (Key terminology, Mission Statement, Newsletters, Open Sessions, Compliance Tracking)

     - Management buy-in (How to get it and (more importantly) how to keep it)

     - Planning for ongoing future success (Supporting your BCP lifecycle)


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