March 2017 Meeting

The March meeting of the Three Rivers Contingency Planning Association will be held at 1:00 PM on Friday, March 10th at the Allegheny County Emergency Operations Center.

Our topic is Vendor Risk Assessment, and our speaker is Tim Belardi, Director of Technical Advisory Services (Technology and Performance Assurance) at Highmark Health.

Many of us depend on third parties to provide key elements of support to our business processes. But how well are those parties prepared to support us if they themselves experience a disruption?

Among the topics that Tim will explore:

  • Identifying key suppliers that support business processes
  • Assessing risk and business impacts pertaining to third party services
  • Strategies to mitigate risks and impacts
  • Verification and testing of third party performance
  • Ongoing assessment / evaluation activities

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Friday, May 12,2017

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